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  • The Vacance Corporation
  • +81 (0)3 5363 2566
  • +81 (0)3 5363 2616
  • 5F International Place, Sanei-cho 26-3, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0008, Japan
MISSION (, a division of the Vacance Corporation, allows travellers to rent apartment rooms in Japan. provides support to travellers from all over the world.
STAY ( introduces our own apartments and condominiums in Japan. All of our staff members speak English. The apartments are located in residential areas, convenient for going out as there are many small restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, boutiques, bakeries, karaoke places, bookstores, small museums, etc., close by. It is a 5-minute walk to the train station, making it easy to go to exciting attractions around central Tokyo.
MISSION ( is the first and only website in Japan which allows Japanese travellers to rent the best homes, estates, or condominiums in resort towns or holiday destinations around the world. was designed for Japanese travellers to travel in style and allows them to rent overseas vacation rental units with a hassle-free, with full support in their own language, with local support services particular to the Japanese market, and the confidence that each rental unit has been chosen especially for the needs of a Japanese clientele.
LOCAL SUPPORT SYSTEM has local staff in major vacation destinations around the world that will introduce Japanese clients to various services, and which gives our Japanese clients the confidence to choose a rental property instead of staying at a hotel. From the time the client arrives at the local airport, to the time they get to the property, our Japanese staff can meet and greet, arrange transportation to the property, provide the client with keys and local guidance to shopping, provide cellphone rental, housekeeping/maid service, hair and make-up services, baby-sitting, introductions to local Japanese-speaking doctors, arrange repairs to the property with the property owners when necessary, etc. Without this local support system in place, market would be highly limited. With this support system in place, the market is immense.
  • links with all major search engines such as Yahoo Japan, Google, Lycos, Excite, Infoseek, and Biglobe as it is a unique content service available in Japanese. provide the full content of vacation rental properties to major travel mega sites including as the only Japanese vacation rental company.
  • is the only company which invests in PR pages in major publication as a Villa rental company. We promote our site through major travel magazines with large circulations including: Globe Trotter, CREA Traveller, Blue Guide, and various men's magazines such as Brutus, Lapita, Gainer, Nikkei-Trendy, and women's magazines like Esquire Magazine, Visio Mono, Maple, Marie Claire Japan, Fujin-Gaho, Oz magazine, Miman, etc.
  • Using our extensive network in the travel industry, is marketed directly to customers via and wholesaled to travel agencies around the nation as well. We have staff to visit travel agent counters every day to train agency retailers about our properties.

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