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Required Customer Information
HOME PAGE is managed by the Vacance Corporation Ltd. as a service for the customer. We may ask the customer for individual information in the service and other areas, used arbitrarily and independently by the customer when using this homepage. We may ask the customer private information such as name, email address, phone number, address, and so on, which may be necessary for us to provide information about our services to the customer. Moreover, we may ask the customer other information for the purpose to of providing specific customer services.
The Vacance Corporation Ltd. will not modify information without the customer's consent. Please acknowledge that information might be notified to the third party depending on the service of this homepage. To protect the privacy of the customer, the Vacance Corporation Ltd. will take necessary measures within a reasonable range. The Vacance Corporation Ltd. might revise the above-mentioned policy. In that case, we will notify all revisions on this homepage.
The use of this homepage is assumed to be done in the customer's responsibility.
The Vacance Corporation Ltd. does not take any responsibility for all the damage caused by the use of various information acquired from other web pages linked within the home page.
Proper Law
This homepage is managed by the Vacation Corporation Ltd. Both the customer accessing this homepage and the Vacance Corporation Ltd.
are assumed to agree to be restrained by Japanese law regardless of difference of legal principle between each country, although this homepage can be accessed from countries all over the world where the law systems are different.
The Vacance Corporation Ltd. does neither describe nor display whether the contents are appropriate in the customer's environment at this home page. The access to this homepage is assumed to be one by freewill of the customer, the responsibility for using this homepage is assumed to be taken by the customer.
The inquiry
Please inquire to when you have questions concerning the privacy policy of our website.

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