TopOption: Kimono Experience

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Option: Kimono Experience

Try Japan’s most exotic culture!

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Try Japan’s most exotic culture!
The owner of the apartment offers you a special “Kimono Class”.
Private lesson to learn how to wear kimono and to learn the basic
essence of Japanese kimono culture.
Cost: JPY 2,000 per person.


*Bring your white T-shirt. V-neck shirts are better.

*Please inform us your size in advance. We only have women’s kimono and Japanese size 9-13 (34-38 in American size, 38-42 in French size, 14-18 in Australian size).

*After wearing kimono, Japanese green tea will be served by the owner.

*Please acknowledge that you cannot go out in kimono.

*Class will be held at the owner’s room in the building of 3BR Nakano.

Cancellation Policy:

JPY 500- 5 days before the reserved date.

No refund-within 4 days before the reserved date

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