Japan Vacation Rentals and Leases


Choosing an accommodation is the most essential step in
planning a trip abroad.

There is no question that Tokyo is where all top-quality hotels gather, but for years our apartments have been chosen over other accommodations. Not only do we offer competitive prices, but also our fully furnished and serviced apartments provide more flexibility compared to other accommodations. provides housing solutions and offers travelers the opportunity to experience real life in Tokyo.

Why book with
  • Location :

    Our properties are located in residential areas, close to train stations, grocery stores, and hundreds of restaurants and shops. Our apartments are based within central Tokyo (23 wards.)

  • Value :

    The prices of our vacation rental apartments start from about JPY 40,000 per week during the low season. Even with an additional guest charge, our competitive price beats that of hotels and other accommodations.

  • Convenience :

    Ask for availability, reserve the apartment, arrange a time of meeting. The steps are simple and straightforward, and you can complete the process online. Feel free to ask any additional questions.

  • Choice :

    Choose from 3 different locations in Tokyo. Each building has a wide selection of room types that are convenient for solo travelers, friends, couples, families, or groups of 10 people. From short stay to a week or longer stay, all travelers are welcome at our apartments.

How do we feel like home?

More comfortable than standard hotel rooms and fully furnished with all necessary appliances, our apartments are sure to become your home away from home.

  • Furniture, Bed, Dining Table, Sofa-bed
    Furniture, Bed, Dining Table, Sofa-bed
  • TV, DVD & CD Player, Internet
    TV, DVD & CD Player, Internet
  • Full kitchen with utensils & cutleries
    Full kitchen with utensils & cutleries
  • Bathroom with towels provided
    Bathroom with towels provided
Why are we confident?

We proudly provide quality rooms in prime locations with an efficient and easy-to-follow online booking system. We are confident that your choice will more than meet your expectations. owner and staff are always pleased to serve you throughout the booking process and during your stay.